I attended the Kara Walker exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery today –
http://www.victoria-miro.com/  – Go to Hell or Atlanta, whichever comes first. To sum up the exhibition in one word: Powerful. Those who know me, know I’m much more a fan of sculpture than 2D art… But some have been working quite successfully on broadening my horizons…. You know who you are. But back to the matter at hand…..

Apart from a series of watercolours the remaining exhibits were monochrome both large and small. In some senses the artwork would appear to be simplistic – but that would be blind to both the inherent creativity of the body of work and the messages – well the messages that I took from it. The things that stood out for me, using keywords were: violence, race, power, inequality, gender, sex, objectification, colour…. Words some of which unsurprisingly also featured directly in an exhibit. A small selection of her work is below and see also http://www.art21.org/artists/kara-walker:


© Kara Walker

There were two small watercolours (outlined with pencil) that had slogans…. When reading them I had a sense of rising anger that was only abated by the knowledge that I had the “freedom” to be able to be at the gallery to view them.

Slogans below and I suppose I should provide a warning that some may find them offensive:

“Burning crosses don’t mean anything unless accompanied by a burning nigger!

The amazing self lynching negro”

For me those slogans will be my memory triggers for the exhibition…….