I randomly came across Juxtapoz magazine which covers art and culture http://www.juxtapoz.com and in their photography section was introduced to two photographers – Santu Mofokeng http://cargocollective.com/santumofokeng and Michael Dressel http://www.michaeldressel.com 

Both photographers work predominately/exclusively in black and white, and deal with street/photojournalistic photography. I was struck for example by Dresel picture below of the beard…. and the expression captured on his face…. while being amazed and a little jealous of the length he was able to grow his beard to…. mine is nowhere near that length  🙂 The composition is not however just focused on him, but on his friend, whose face is obscured, but who is embracing him. There is an intimacy there that is wholly non-sexual but believable. 


©  Michael Dressel

I compare the picture above to this one below… another type of intimate scene. The Train Church and the focus on this woman who is joyful in being wrapped up in worship on a train. The lighting and composition here drew me in… she is centred in the frame (in the middle third) and the framed with the dark vignette of other travellers. The light and focus is solely on her, which suggests to me that maybe he purposely illuminated the picture this way. But in any event, I find this a striking picture. 

Hopefully I will be able to take on board what I have seen in the work of these two photographers and apply it to my own work…. on the street photography side that will be a challenge to go out and take pictures of people… but you’ve got to start somewhere……


©  Santu Mofokeng