On Sunday, I headed off the Embassy Tea Gallery in SE1 to see Portrait Salon 15, described in their own words as “Portrait Salon 2015 selection (1 portrait by every photographer that entered Portrait Salon after being rejected by the NPG Taylor Wessing Prize)”https://www.portraitsalon.co.uk

The exhibition was good, but overwhelming… viewing so many different portraits across two large rooms made my eyes hurt – but in a good way. I went around twice but there were still some portraits that did not register – this became apparent when I purchased the programme which came with a random 50 sticker selection of the portraits which you could then freely swap against others rejected by other purchasers … i was constantly saying “I don’t remember this one” when I fact I had seen it but not registered it.

A few of my favourite pieces below:

© Hal Shinnie

© Alan Powdrill

© Alessandro Lacche

© Ania Mroczkowska

© Chris Gunton

© Julia Claxton

© Leonardo Salmao

© Michal Dzierza

© Robin Forster

I will want to visit the NPG Taylor Wessing Prize to see what was accepted and then draw my own conclusions as to whether they got it right!!!! But the exhibition was well worth a visit just to see the differing approaches taken. As they show has now finished, you can view the portraits online. Its worth at least 30 minutes of your time to review them….. so go on!!!!!