Task 2 Shutter speed

Present a series
of 3 images
in response to the title using slow shutter speed techniques.
Techniques to consider:

Multiple exposures


Painting with light

Record all the research and development in your

With the
following three pictures I was focusing on movement and I used my ND filter to
create blur. I needed in all three cases to use my tripod as the camera was set
to a bulb setting. In the first picture, we have a mother and her two sons. I
purposely waited for them to turn and walk down the hill as I did not want to
take a picture of their faces. From an ethical point of view, with children in
the frame, even blurred, I did not feel comfortable taking their picture.


second picture doesn’t fit the mould of having your pictures sharp… as I stated
earlier in the blog, this picture jars me, because my eyes want to have it in
focus. But what attracts me to it, is the movement it evokes…. the gulls are
flying and so it seems is the background. I had take several pictures of the
gulls by the man-made pond using the ND filter but this was the one that spoke
to me J . Having
converted it to black and white I think it works a little better than in
colour… but only just.


The last
picture as you can see is of two individuals walking uphill and some other park
users in the distance, enjoying the facilities. Again I think this is the
weakest of the three pictures in terms of composition. Although there is
movement, in different parts of the picture, it feels somewhat disjointed.


In terms
of health and safety as I was in areas populated by others, I had to remain
aware of their presence and ensure that I did not bump into people, especially
when walking up and down the hills on some well trodden paths.