During last term and the beginning of this term we received presentations on photographers chosen by class members. Mine was on Peter EZRVO Zvonar (covered earlier in this blog).  The full list:

  • Jill Greenberg
  • Steve Richard
  • Jorge Lewinsky
  • Nick Knight
  • Julia Magaret Cameron
  • Vivian Maier
  • Mario Testino
  • Irving Penn
  • Mark Mann
  • Steve Curry
  • Nadav Kander

Below I briefly discuss three of the presentations that I saw.

In terms of engendering a debate, the Jill Greenberg presentation was the most provocative. In fact it was photographs of John McCain that started the debate about using photography in for political ends. Putting that aside, her work, in particular The End Times, is striking for the use of lighting and post production.

I was also struck by the presentation on Steve Richard, notably his chiaroscuro work is done in water and the amount of preparation that needs to be undertaken, to get the shots. However, the best part of that presentation was the recreation of his style by Chris in selfie mode.

One of the most interesting presentations was about Jorge Lewinski and his body of work, taking photographs of other famous artists. This was all the more poignant as my local hospital has main corridor exhibition of his work, so I had an additional chance to consider his work.

It was good to see a such a wide range of photographers chosen by colleagues and each presentation gave me food for thought albeit in different ways. Well done peeps!!!!