So I have been thinking quite a bit about how I want to develop my project. I have settled 99% on social commentary being how I will interpret the project. I have been reading a PhD dissertation on Lewis Hine, who was photographer  and sociologist . He used his photographs to engender social change. I’m about a third of the way through the dissertation which is bringing me back to my university days – sociology the minor in my joint degree.

Kathy Quick

He is most well know for his work for the National Child Labour Committee documenting the horrific working conditions that children in the 1900’s were subject to in the USA. On occasions he had to disguise himself to gain entry to the factories so that he could document the working conditions. But he also did work for the Red Cross during the Great Depression.

Like my previous post on Eggleston and Black Chronicles, Hine’s work is very portrait based, which at this stage may not be represented in my final pieces but time will tell. What I do want to take from Hine’s work is the intensity that flows from his work, which will be a challenge especially if I don’t focus on faces.

Now turning to my project…. although I haven’t taken any test shots yet, I have already thought about how it will be titled and how I want to present it. So unless I have a drastic change of mind it will be based around “skin”. In terms of presentation, I am looking at a multiple triptych – 3 anchor photographs with a small tree of related photographs underneath. The anchor photographs will also be bigger in size to reinforce the fact that they are the lead pictures.

Now you might be wondering how the social commentary aspect comes into this… but I’ll reveal that later 🙂