Finally doing some project work. You may be wondering why I have taken pictures of rusting metal and what this has to do with the project, but iron oxide (rust) has been used in tattoo ink for colouration, in particular in red ink. … (oops I have red in one of my tattoos, but that’s a story for another day). I am also reading an EU report into the safety of tattoos and permanent make up that includes sections on ink ingredients – so I may well get all technical and stuff!!!!! I’m not yet sure how I will seek to incorporate them my project (maybe as a opaque background as opposed to a freestanding picture), but it did give me a chance to take some more pictures of one of my most favourite buildings in Luxembourg – KPMG in Kirchberg. I just love the rust exterior frame to the building – its the kind of building I would like to work in, just to be able to look out from inside.


It also gave me a chance to sample my new lenses, in particular the 100mm macro which I used for the pictures above.

And I couldn’t resist taking the picture of the ladybird walking on the frame…. and below two non-project pictures included… just because I could.

Assignment criteria 2 and 4