So moving on from the rust pictures from the KPMG building in Luxembourg, I got the chance to take some pictures of some real live tattoos. But before I move on those test pictures, I have decided that  within the project, I want to contrast tattoos as against a blank canvas – a section of the body that has no tattoos. Of course, nothing is simple with me, so I did take the shot by the window with the sunlight shining through the external blinds. This looked better when converted to black and white than it did in colour, it simplified it and allowed for the contrast to come through. At this stage, I am able to incorporate the “portraits sans visage” theme… but I’m not sure it will remain in the final project across all the pictures.


My model for the tattoo session was Miška and she had recently had a tattoo completed, so I was able to photograph a tattoo in its healing stage, with a few scabs…. this in my view does not detract,  but actually enhances the pictures as it emphasises that tattoos do no come consequence free – and this is separate from contents of the tattoo inks themselves.

(The mosaic allows you to enlarge the pictures in a pop out frame)


I like this picture because the depth of field works well. The tattoo is mainly in focus and the “fur” from the gilet is sharp at the top of the frame.

michka-32-copyAs you will see I had to deal with bright harsh direct sunlight (because of where I wanted to take the pictures). So the tops of the shoulders in this picture are blown out. On top of that, the lens focused on the hair so it blurred the shoulders, which is not a bad thing, but it was not the look I was going for.


I was able to reduce the hard contrast here, just by moving myself along the bench and changing the angle. Here you can see more of the healing process of this tattoo, which is less than a week old.


Another close up of the mandala.


Here you can see the healing process in greater detail…. And to think in days gone by, they would have used iron oxide (rust) to create the red colour used in the tattoo ink.


Overall, I am happy with these test shots.. more editing is needed however and I need to start to bring them together with the other ideas I have for the project.

Assignment criteria: 2, 4 & 5.