Just realised that I have possibly made a faux pas and I’m even more surprised that no-one else has pointed this out to me. My project sub-theme is “Skin – Animal, Human, Synthetic” which is translated to Leather, Tattoo, Rubber. But arguably rubber is not necessarily synthetic. There are two types of rubber – natural (from rubber trees) and synthetic (from petroleum).

That being said the majority of rubber in circulation is synthetic.  So does this change the direction of my pictures? Possibly, it might change the way I interpret the environment aspect of this sub-theme. But it also opens up some other opportunities that I might be able to explore…. let’s see where this takes us.

One update on physical presentation – the project requirements are for at least 5 images at A4  – I already know I’ll be presenting more images than that to properly flesh out my overall theme. But I will have smaller ones as well as the required A4 size.  I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I purchased a large section of neoprene. I’m thinking of actually presenting the pictures on the neoprene sheet, with accompanying text.