One thing I have learnt from the photoshoots for this project is that your initial plans and thoughts sometimes change, sometimes they are thrown upside down. What you thought you would start with, is nowhere near where you end up. This was never more true that with the final element of this project – Rubber (the natural/synthetic element of my trio). From my previous posts, I thought I was going to approach this from a rubber production and the effects on the environment perspective… But when I settled into taking pictures with Al, it soon became clear that that masterplan would have to be for another day.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I could interpret an idea (on a smaller scale from one of my classmates and his project from level 2 – Mr Geoffrey Manners) and tell a very short story of Al, a man who likes to wear rubber when he gets home from hard day at work. Unlike the leather pictures taken, which were studio based  (against a black background and with black leather clothing), which creates a distinctive context of its own, Al’s pictures needed to be taken in his home environment. So this meant no monotone background, but a purposeful clash of colours, patterns and Al in rubber. I used fill-in flash in some of the pictures, but relied predominantly on the lighting in the flat.

So I hand you over to Al and an evening with rubber….


This is how one relaxes…..

The gas mask returns… looking less sinister. One can appreciate flowers and think about life – the need to concentrate on breathing forces one to focus only on those things that really matter!!!!

Contemplation in rubber….

Assignment criteria: 2, 4 & 5