Final pre-final project pictures post. Mercury… from my research on contents of tattoo ink, mercury had come up as one of a number of heavy metals that were used (and still may be used) in tattoo inks for colour. Now we know that it mercury is a toxic and dangerous substance which makes it all the more interesting that it was and is used in a wide range of things including fillings and thermometers.

One of things that I remember is that my Dad always had some mercury in the house (don’t ask me why, I never asked him). But worse still I used to play with it as a kid… of course he never knew – if he did I would have had my butt kicked from here to the Caribbean. So recently, I asked Mum if we still had it … (I had to refer to it as quicksilver) and to my surprise she said yes…

Knowing what I know now of course, I was quite apprehensive about using it for project pictures, but I did and a few pictures are below. I was extremely careful not to spill any of it and I used a pipette to remove it from the ramekin and back into its bottle. As for the mercury, it has been safely stored and I have done some research on safe disposal.