This past weekend I travelled to Düsseldorf for our annual Christmas market road trip (although the first one was a rail trip :)). The markets there, in Düsseldorf  were a big improvement on the ones in Köln last year, although they still have some way to go to beat Strasbourg, which remains my all-time favourite. That being said, I was not overly impressed with my Christmas market street photography… it might have been due to hunger or the fact that I left my tripod plate on my old camera in London (but realised this after I had lugged the tripod all the way to Düsseldorf). I consoled myself with a cup of glühwein (with rum) at the end of the walk. However, I did pick up a few nice things – a Christmas wreath, a gold star and gold angel for the Christmas Tree (I was asked to get either and of course I bought both) and I did some decent window shopping in both the regular shops and at the markets.

However, I much preferred the modern architecture pictures I took on Sunday morning on a very grey and chilly morning – although the blue skies were trying hard to fight their way through. My favourite are the first 6 and then the climbing people! Planning on heading back to Düsseldorf in the summer to chill by the harbourside!