Peeps, I’ll try to keep this brief. In my final presentation post I presented the pictures I had chosen for the project. What I have not done is update you as to what the class chose as the final pictures for the project, although unfortunately I did not take a picture of the final order.

  • For the Animal (Leather) I think the smoking picture and the full body rear restraint picture were removed;
  • For Human (Tattoo) they removed one of the pictures of Chris and one of Michael and Patrick; and
  • For Natural/Synthetic (Rubber) they removed the two black and white shots of Al. This was done to retain elements of consistency between the pictures chosen.

While I can live with the tattoo picture removals, they took out one of my favourites with Al (where he was being playful with the gas mask) :O


But I have suggested that if we have space we should have a Salon des Refuses, so at least one picture rejected by the class for each project could be posted in its own right… let’s hope we have some space. Interestingly, one of my classmates questioned why I had not included one of the previous gas mask pictures as this was his favourite. My response was to say that I didn’t think it fitted with how I was presenting Al and the mask, as part of his evening with rubber – but it did give me some food for thought about whether I would have curated this work in the same work if I were to do it again.


I had to can my idea about presenting it on a neoprene sheet – I had clearly not though enough about adhesion. Blu-tack and neoprene do not work. Pins would have to be bent and I do not think the would have stayed where I wanted them – so that would have left velcro pads (which I would have again had to have thought about how to stick the bases on… maybe use superglue???)

I have already written up in the substantive post, the research, photo shoot idea and final shots as well has doing a previous post on my own salon des refuses contact sheets. Now we’re moving swiftly on the project for term two……