Finally on holiday and apart from the jet lag which seems to affect me when it comes to editing the pics…it has been a good start to the trip. 3 nights in Bangkok and not a dance bar in sight….  So we had to do the Grand Palace  – and that took busy, tourists and crowds to the next level. We did however get to see the Emerald Buddha which is an impressive little buddha that has his outfit changed foer the seasons. No pics allowed in that chamber so you’ll just have to Google him. We then went off in search of and Wat Pho which was technically the next building along, but inevitably as tourists do, we got diverted into tuk tuk, taken to the Golden Mount and a rather tall, imposing buddha while being taken to an obligatory tuk tuk commissioned tailors to be offered Armani cut suits from the same cloth at discount prices. Nope… I did not order any suits, shirts or neckties (as they like to say)… my wardrobe has enough of those for the moment.

What I forgot to bring with me on the day was my polariser and I forgot to pack a lens hood  (for this lens for the trip) as I had some lens flare coming through – you’ll see it on some of the pictures … but c’est la vie, you have to work with what you got and thank goodness for post-processing!

Grand Palace


Golden Mount

Back eventually to Wat Pho where I had a lovely massage and fell asleep in a room full of 20 other people being massaged at the same time… and before you take your imagination off, it is the famed Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School where you are massage guinea pigs…. The crowds were more tame here, it being later in the afternoon and I had a better tolerance for them, having eaten. It was worth going later in the day for the massage and to see the reclining buddha…. which was nothing short of impressive. Feeling Buddha’d out we headed back to hotel,  using the same route, along the river on a the riverboat express, then the metro. A great way to start the holiday.

Wat Pho


Day two was a more urban affair insofar as we were not hitting temples, but wanted to go the flower market and do a bit of walking in the city. We were not disappointed. I tried to get into street photography mode in the market, but my candid shots were mainly from a distance as opposed to being more up close. I thought that it would  be good to convert some to black and white and I do like the feel that brings… so a selection from  the street and the market.


As well as using my 6D, I have been whipping out the iPhone for pics and I have to say, it has been producing some decent images. Those however can be found on my instagram page as I decided to keep this one iPhone free!!!!