So, the reason for travelling to S.E. Asia (apart from eating good food and lazing in the sunshine) was to visit the Temples of Angkor Wat. I had organised a bike tour just to make things different but of course, we were not touring the temple ruins by bike, but going from place to place. This was a fun but also much nicer way to see the surrounding countryside… cycling through villages and getting a tiny glimpse of the real life of Cambodians outside of the city. The tour company is Grasshopper Tours and they come highly recommended. We had a guide who was knowledgeable about the temples and also cycled with us. This is coming from someone who normally avoids guided tours at all costs.

Anyway back briefly to Angkor Wat… it was simply stunning so long as you ignored the other tourists – some of them obviously believed they were the only ones there…. And yes I am aware of the irony/illogicality of what I just said – I was one of those tourists but  did my best not to block anyone’s shots or hog the spot, so to speak.

Photography 101 – if you buy new filters, it might make sense to test drive them first before waiting to get to your bucket list destination and then losing your proverbial rag when things don’t go your way …Yes Camsel Adams I can see your wry smile already! So the Lee Big Stopper was a fail, but the Lee Little Stopper was a success…. so I’ve posted a few below. We’re doing a sunset bike tour today so I’ll hopefully get some different but equally stunning shots and will start with the Little Stopper first.

As for it being more than just a bucket list tick list spot, then that is possibly something personal to me. I’m glad I came and I would happily come back and spend months exploring the region and temples… (and ignoring the tourists, of which I am one). A short selection below: