I’m still going through my holiday pics and just uploaded some more pictures from my mirrorless Canon EOS M to Lightroom. I did not use this camera that much on the holiday, preferring the iPhone for the quick shots, but I did use it at the market tour prior to our cooking class with Sally D of Kata Thai Cooking Class. I decided to go all monochrome in post-processing just to challenge myself and I’m content with results. I was shooting in shade with strong sunlight in the background, so quite a few of the pictures were under-exposed (thank goodness for RAW). After tinkering with the highlights and shadows, they are in the main acceptable.

Now I passed on the tasting of the insect delicacies… but my travel bud was quite adventurous and delved in. But it’s what I love about travel, the opportunities to see, taste, smell, hear and touch things that are different from what you have at home.

Here we see Sally in full education mode and did you know that what she is holding in the large picture is the loofah that some of us use in the bathroom? Nope, neither did I until she told us… and there I was thinking it was a from the sponge family. Anyone for chicken feet on ice… and we were informed that Thais only eat the manicured chicken feet, unlike the Chinese… so the nails/claws will be removed before cooking.

And what we cooked is below:

Green Thai Curry; Panang Curry; Chicken with cashew nuts; and Pineapple fried rice…. all the curry pastes were made from scratch!!!!!! By the way her class it fantastic, you get to learn how to cook a few classic Thai dishes, learn about the ingredients and eat the fruits of your labour – highly recommended – more information can be found here.