On Thursday I got a chance to put into practice the idea of inspiration by Francisco de Zurbarán. With a borrowed hoody I got Bissy and Paola to model for me. Initially, I wanted to use the iPad as the sole light source and for it to be a play on memento mori. I had to push up the ISO to 1600 as I was holding the camera and not using a tripod. For reasons, I am still not sure about a large number of the pictures were out of focus – you can see that in some of the shots I have posted.  I still like the idea of using the iPad as the sole light source, but I might use a tripod for future shots, whic will allow me to lower the ISO.  However even with higher ISO there is not that much grain in the pictures… well unless you super zoom in.

Below are some quick edits… I need to play around with these much more in Lightroom/Photoshop.

Bissy was looking suitably menacing for me….

With Paolo’s pictures I borrowed the studio lighting set up with three lights, two at each side towards the back and one in front with a narrow snoot. This allowed for the top and sides of the hoodie to be lit up. We had intense mummy, hidden mummy and scary mummy. Thanks to both Bissy and Paola for modelling, one of these may end being the final project pic. I think they are Zurbaránesque, in particular the shots with Paola. Because the hoody was oversized on her it looks much like the monk’s cloak in Zurbarán’s paintings than on Bissy…

The health and safety aspects of the shoot were around the other studio being set up in the classroom and moving around when others are shooting or setting up their models for the shoot. There were a number of times when I had to be careful of trailing cables, lighting stands and suspended lights as well as classmates… but we all managed to come out unscathed.

I was also modelling for others in the class, so I’m keen to see what they have produced with me… of course, I am much more challenging when it comes to studio lighting…….

Assessment criteria: 2, 3 & 4.