On Thursday I had my opportunity to set up my studio space for the still life. As mentioned in a previous post I had indicated that I was going to use tropical food as my inspiration. Mrs T and  I wiped the christophene and plaintains with some glycerine to create shine. My composition is quite tight and I am not sure whether I am happy with it. Following a virtual discussion with the class I have decided to reshoot with more space and put it to the public vote. But for those who are wondering I have dark rum, plantains, christophene, okra, cinnamon bark, dasheen, saltfish in a packet, sweet potato and a chocolate/cocoa stick.

I am also thinking of dropping the saltfish from the reshoot, as I do not think it adds much…. but I will keep the book, just to make it quirky – Zig said it was all about semiotics.

I also want to deal with the colours. As I really want a dark background, I got a few lightroom tips from Mr P to enhance this and I my trusty assistant Marchez, helped me during the shoot to deal with light and flashgun positioning. In the end I discarded the flash guns and used available light… of which there was a little too much. I have played with the colours in post production and they are more vibrant and saturated, but they are still not popping as I would like. I will also look at the colour wheel again to see if I can improve the composition from a colour perspective.

Now onto the water fun. The class whatsapp group message was blowing up on Thursday about a modelling session and this was to be the highlight of the evening… The Bissy Wet Head competition… that had only one contestant… so we have Bissy dry …..



and Bissy wet…..