So while I’m basking in the heat of Saint Lucia (no need to get all jeal about it :), we have been given our new project for term 3 – around the concept of transformation. As we all know Bissy is always first off the mark with three ideas already plotted as potential strands for the project. I had a spark of an idea when visiting the Diamond Botanical Gardens, Falls and Mineral Baths here in Soufriere, Saint Lucia. This would be to look at transformation through nature – birth, growth, maturity and death. Being at the gardens has given me quite an opportunity to take some shots (predominately flowers) to begin cataloguing how I might approach this. Now I could take this from a micro perspective and take a single plant, flower, tree etc and try to map the transformation. This, however, would take some time unless I accelerate the process myself. – we only have a term to produce the work πŸ™‚ Another perspective is more macro, to look at landscapes (in a way not too dissimilar to one of Bissy’s ideas) and to see how man can transform nature or to reverse it to see how nature transforms man-made things, when left to its own devices.

I need to think some more about this and maybe bring an international dimension by incorporating some pictures from my time here in Saint Lucia – much like one of the components from my last project Cruel and Tender which was based around S.E Asia. I also need to think about having a second strand project, just in case this first one does not go to plan. Let the research begin……

Assignment criteria: 1