I made the annual pilgrimage to the Sony World Photography Awards at Somerset House this year and was pleased that I did not choose a manically busy evening to attend. In previous years I have had to contend with a myriad of people circulating the rooms to see the pictures which sometimes is incredibly distracting… but rant over.

The first thing that struck me was the prevalence of aluminium mounting… there were very few pictures mounted in traditional frames… clearly aluminium is ‘on fleek’ to poach modern social phrasing. There was also a much wider selection of work on display than in previous years which is a good thing, but do admit it was a bit overwhelming towards the end.

I have to admit that I did prefer the open single photo gallery a lot more than the main competition and that have something to do with the variety of photographs on display.  A selection of them are below:

But my ultimate favourite picture of the exhibition is this one… the best way I can describe this is a ‘seductive panda bear’

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 21.34.37

The Martin Parr photographs were of course very on fleek. I was very much taken by the abandoned Morris Minors in Ireland, which is very much on point with my current project idea for the ‘Transformation’ brief. I might have to go back for a return visit to just to spend some more time looking at those pictures or just access them here . The best ones for me.. given my warped sense of humour were the ones for London Transport Art on the Underground… although I never actually remember seeing any of those posters….

Assignment criteria: 1, 3 & 5