This weekend in Paris has been all about photography in terms of practice, education and culture. The subsequent posts will describe the weekend in more detail but I think it is the first time that I have been away with photography as the sole purpose of the visit. This has been refreshing in one sense because my focus has been singular and directed. This has meant that I have not indulged in any shopping (which I do like to do when abroad). Monday provides a small change in direction when I head off in the afternoon to go sculpt a head in clay … More about that when I’ve done it 👍🏾😊. But that is still within the framework of creativity, just seeking to broaden my mind to another creative discipline….

Friday and Saturday were partially devoted to time lapse practice, la coulée verte and la petite ceinture
Saturday was Goussaineville-Vieux-Pays and Le Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale

Sunday was museum/gallery day – Jeu de Paume and La Maison Rouge

This is definitely something I would do again, irrespective of whether it was tied to a project. Actually I felt quite freed by the need to focus on one thing… of course I took some other non-project related photos but not as many as I would have if this were just a bog standard long weekend away…. just need to think of my next photographic destination…. it need not be far 🤓😎

Assessment criteria: 2, 4