Saturday 20 May: Back in out to the Bois de Vincennes to Le Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale (LJAT) on Saturday. I had mixed feelings about being here given its history, but it’s not the first or last place I will visit with a chequered past. What I did appreciate is the numbers of people visiting and hopefully taking on board the history. I do hope that the Parisian authorities just allow the buildings to slowly decay and let nature take its course … including the graffiti inside some of the constructions.

The entrance is via a Chinese-style gate and then there are a series of paths where you can meander to discover the different remnants of LJAT. The first thing that caught my eye were the ‘random’ sculptures that were grouped together. I’m not sure if they were originally placed there, but that’s where they are now.


It’s clear from the faces of some of the statues that they represent those of the former French colonies. I like in particular the headless female sculpture above…. there is something quite sensual about the pose (putting aside the obvious nakedness). On review of the pictures after the visit, I am somewhat dissapointed that I lost some of the context through my composition. Some of the pictures look nice, but they do not necessarily represent the project brief of transformation in the way I would want. But it was definitely a nice day out to take pictures in the park.


Assessment criteria: 2, 4