This is the last of my Paris long weekend posts.

Friday 19 May: This week in class Zig got us doing post production for our time lapse photography using Adobe Premiere Pro…. which I have to say is easier to use for this type of project than iMovie (but only just). So on arrival in Paris and with time to burn before my Airbnb check in I randomly came across Église Saint-Vincent de Paul and thought that it might be a good location for time lapse. The weather was still dry (rain forecast later) and the church is located up a stairway. With my back to the church, you have a busy road in front of you that will capture moving traffic. It was also slightly windy so the clouds were moving although I wasn’t sure how this would be reflected in the shots.

There was also pedestrian traffic and of course curious people looking a man setting up a tripod and then just sitting down and playing on his phone 😊. This actually brought a number of people to whip out their mobile phones and take pictures of the church… I wondered if they would have bothered if I wasn’t there? Inflated sense of self I here you say 😊🤣

The sun was coming in and out and the intervalometer was set for every 2 seconds for a maximum of 2000 shots as I thought this would sufficiently capture traffic, pedestrians and cloud movement.

I positioned the camera so as to capture the traffic at the roundabout as well as the straight road downhill. During the shoot, about 5 policemen on bikes showed up – given the high-security alert in Paris this was not surprising. I was fully expecting to be questioned, but they merely looked at the setup and then cycled off. Maybe I looked sufficiently like a tourist for them not to bother (my mini wheelie case gave me away 😊). And I was strangely reassured by their momentary presence.

When I got back to the apartment I discovered that I brought the wrong charger attachment 😱😡 so  with one battery already depleted I have to think carefully if I want to do any more time lapse as I only have 2 fully charged batteries left 😱

Saturday 20 May: While at Goussainville I decided to do a quick timelapse using the big abandoned house as the background and having the aeroplanes coming over the top on their flight path from Charles de Gaulle airport. The interval here was 2 seconds but I only took about 700 shots.


Assignment criteria: 1, 2, 4 & 5