This weekend was spent in Luxembourg and as the weather was good, we made a quick trip to Germany to Saarschleife, as they have built a viewing platform called Baumwimpfelpfad to view ‘the hook’ of the Saar river. Before you get to the viewing platform (which it should be noted triggered my vertigo big time), there is a raised forest walkway which provides information about the environment. It’s only 10 euros and well worth the money. The view of the hook is well worth the vertigo-inducing walkway. Check my Instagram on the right for some other pictures. I wanted to do some long exposure from the top of the platform, but two issues prevented this:

  1. The walkway and platform are made from wood, so they absorb the vibrations of people walking and running which could have added some unwanted blur and softness to the final picture; and
  2. There were too many people around and I suspect that the tripod would have been inadvertently ‘bumped’ by someone.

I did try to take a long exposure at nearby Mettlach (with my Lee filters), but the Saar river there is so calm that I did not get the smoothness that I wanted – see Lolly’s post here. You can see some movement in the clouds and lens flare but I will need to find water with more movement.


Back in Luxembourg for the evening and a quick walk down the road to take some sunset pictures of the some of the modern architecture. In the end, I only liked two pictures of the few that I took….


Assessment criteria: 2, 4