Appropriating an idea from Bissy, I decided to see if I could complete the transformation project in one shoot. I went back to Belval, a place just outside the city of Luxembourg that I have visited before. On this occasion I interpreted transformation in two ways:

  • around the environment. As stated above this is a former steelworks that had been transformed as a ‘city quarter’ – a place to live, work and study as part of the grounds are now part of the University of Luxembourg; and
  • only using my 20mm prime lens I purposely have not straightened the converging lines that may appear in some pictures, to provide an element of transformation through composition. It worked better on some of the pictures than others.  This transforms the pre-existing structures which themselves have transformed their environment.

Belval is a place that I could visit over and over and still not take enough pictures. There are areas that I have not yet explored and parts I just love to go back to. What I like most about the area is the way they have successfully mixed old with new. It would have been easy to have simply flattened the old steelworks and then start with a blank canvas. However, some key buildings and infrastructure had been retained and new buildings have been constructed around them, in some cases physically joining them to make new buildings. It is still a work in progress but a great example of the sympathetic development of a pre-existing environment – transformation through sympathetic implementation. As stated above you have part of the University of Luxembourg there, government administration departments, private sector business, a shopping centre, cafes, restaurants, a supermarket, shopping centre and a music concert venue as well as good public transport links.

The two blast furnaces have been retained (see below) as well as the “Massenoire” which houses an exhibition on construction processes. The blasting hall (with ALL WE NEED) written on the outside wall needs further exploration on another day.

I pulled out the Lee filters for some of the shots with a little more success… at least you can see some cloud movement. I still have some way to go to proper get to grips with the filters and the correct exposure, but I am getting there. I also went a little overboard, on purpose with the colour saturation in post processing. A couple of them are in black and white, just to throw that in the mix.

So see below a transformation side project (the first picture was both the big (10 stops) and little stopper (6 stops) placed one in front of the other) hence the slight cast:


Assignment criteria: 1, 2, 4 and 5.