So while RACC sorts out whether they can offer us a non-certified photography course for the next academic year, I enrolled in a 10-week sculpture course at the Art Academy. Tonight was my first class and my goodness was it a challenge. After introductions, we got straight into sculpting with our live model posing for us.

We had two 20 min poses and one that was 60 mins. The first 20 min pose is below. And yes it looks very abstract…. and that’s being polite. Seeing the basic shape and planes it going to be an issue for me as I know I am going to want to go for realism every time.


For the second 20 minute sculpture, we had a more difficult pose to try and capture – here I had an issue with proportions. The legs just do not look right.

In the 60 minute session, we swapped places twice and sculpted other people’s work, which I can say was daunting. My fear was that I would destroy someone else’s creation, but the point was actually to see how other people in the class sculpt. This was very different from the Airbnb experience because here we had a model to focus on – she was not just about inspiration.

The ‘group’ effort – which I really liked – someone helped me out with the volume and shape for the thighs.

What I learnt is that what I see is not so easily translated into what I am able to mould. I may well have an eye for photography (and that is still developing), but this sculpture malarkey is a whole new ball game.  It will be interesting to see what this brings to my photography and vice versa. I have kept all three as a reference for the coming weeks and to hopefully see my development. Roll on next week.