Week 2 of the course and we were only doing one pose.  But as this is meant to be a ¼ of the size of the life model measurements were key. Now you know I do not get on with maths and there was a formula for calculating (which I understood in the end). What it meant, however, was that I spent time trimming and the building up my sculpture as I had either taken off too much or it wasn’t big enough the first place.  While I was more comfortable with the rotation of the model (last week I felt that I would be missing something if I did not keep up – yes, irrational thinking), the fact we had more time was not necessarily a blessing. I need to be bolder and tinker less at this stage. I need not be afraid of making ‘mistakes’ because with clay everything can be remedied… even if that means starting again….

Next week we are going to continue with the pose so I’ll hopefully add the arms and work on the face a little. I also need to work on the hips and buttocks to get the shaping right. Onwards and upwards.