Moving on with the sculptures (plural) as we are not working on one piece has been a great experience. Every week when I think I have got something or maybe understood something, my tutor comes across and constructively assesses my work, makes some changes and then I think, damn… that’s what I wanted to do, could not achieve….  I guess that’s why she’s the tutor. I did have to say to her this week… “you do make this look so easy” but she has been sculpting/teaching for 9 years so she knows a good few things or two.

The whole reason for doing this course was to understand 3 dimensions from another creative practice. I will have to do much more of this to get it properly, but so far I can safely say that my eye for sculpture is developing (albeit at a snail’s pace) but it is soooooo different to my eye for photography. If I can bring some of my sculpting eye to photography, I think this will be a bonus for my composition and understanding of light….. in particular when doing portraits or full body shots. And if I can manage to tone down my photographic eye within my budding sculpting practice (just for now) then I believe this will help me to translate what I see with my eyes and interpret it with my hands.

For now the pictures from weeks 3 and 4 – I am getting both of these pieces fired so that I can have them as references.